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HOUSTON, Texas --- March 2, 2016 --- Ponca City News, Ponca City, Oklahoma --- TXMP FOUNDATION --- << Click for published article in the Ponca City News >>>


HOUSTON, Texas --- Feb. 22, 2016 ---  /7-1-3NEWS/ --- Texas Missing Persons Foundation (TXMP) was founded on Feb. 22, 2016 and is devoted to providing the latest technology to assist and collaborate and support the search and rescue and recovery of lost loved ones in Texas, and in special circumstances outside the state of Texas. You will be able to attend seminars, learn about search techniques and if you choose, participate with collaborating search and rescue/recovery teams. Funding will be publically and privately sourced and will always be transparent. << Click here for press release >>>


HOUSTON, Texas, April 20, 2015 /7-1-3 NEWS/ --- Join Texas EquuSearch volunteers on "Missing In Harris County Day" this Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 11:00AM to learn and to support local resources to find our missing loved ones. The multi-agency event will be held at the Community of Faith Church located at 1024 Pinemont Drive, Houston, Texas.  


HOUSTON, Texas, April 17, 2015 / 7-1-3 NEWS / --- 7-1-3 News will provide community news and educational materials from current events and from the successsful efforts of private and public organizations to help others. The website is a totally volunteer effort and will evolve with continung interest by visitors and distributors of materials recorded here and on pages linked to the home page.

HOUSTON, Texas, June 6, 2005 / 7-1-3 NEWS / --- Houston has been the home to pioneering scientists who have significantly impacted the way we live our daily lives. Houston is the center of the international energy industry. In 1969, Houston was heard all over the world as Houston Center this is Apollo. Today, Houston citizens enjoy a solid, diversified, growing technological and financial environment in a background of lower costs of living which allows increased personal freedoms. You can work and contribute in Houston and fly to anywhere in this world, or even the moon.

To help the next generation of young, aspiring adults and families, this website shall be dedicated to publishing and communication through the latest technology into your workspace, family space and travel space.

The work of this web shall be an act of volunteerism with sponsorship by those seeing the value of this medium. (If you like what you see and hear, make a contribution on a regular basis.)

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Media Contact:     Ralph Baird, Advocate for the Families of Missing Loved Ones,


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Texas EquuSearch of Dickinson Texas, The Endless Search for Loved Ones

2005  Natalie Holloway

2005 Kourtney Ussery, Dickinson Bayou, July 2005, recovered

2005 Chan Bui, August 2005, recovered

2005   James Regal

James Regal, James best friend and his best friend's fiancÚ, located and recovered successfully, Lake Erie.

2005   Tekie Buggs

Tekie Buggs, December 2005, recovered

Amber Smith, Seguin

Rodney Frazier, Memphis, January 2007

Bill and Martha Harris, Clear Lake, June 2007, recovered

Alicia Minton, Beaver Lake, AR, July 2007

CAROLYN JORDAN SEARCH, Grandmother, Lipan, TX, July 2007. The search is about to intensify for an elderly woman that has been missing for almost two weeks. 78-year-old Carolyn Jordan disappeared after visiting a friend near Fort Worth. Jordan was leaving the Fort Worth area and was headed back to San Antonio on June 24th. She hasn't been seen since. Her southeast side neighbors said Thursday they're concerned for Jordan's safety. "Even the post man asked about her," said neighbor David Wood. "He stopped by the other day and asked if we had found her yet." Wood said her daughters still pray for her safe return. "They're not losing hope, they pretty much know that their mom is in trouble somewhere, but they haven't lost hope that they're going to find her." Friday, Equusearch will conduct an aerial search from near Fort Worth along the route Carolyn would have taken home.

Steve Fossett, Nevada, California, September 2007, recovered

Donna Jou, September 2007

2007 Kenworth Eaton

Kennworth Eaton, in-progress; family requested assistance in the search, September 2007

2008    Jacomini Family, Colorado, August 2008, recovered

N945T Schlitt, plane not found, loved ones were recovered., December 2008

N2400Q, plane located, Arizona, recovered

2009   Lt. John Joseph Houston

Navy T-34C Lost Oct 28, 2009: Located with TES Assistance, offshore San Jose Island, Texas. Family and USGC Requested help/advice Nov 6, 2009; US Navy asked for additional assistance on Nov 11; successful on Nov  14 after weather calmed down.

2009   Travis Compton

 2009    N2484R Travis Compton, in-progress, Plana Cays, Bahamas, W.I.;  family requested help; co-pilot recovered; pilot still missing.

Douglas Schantz

Successful Search for Love One Douglas Schantz Lost March 5, 2010 - holding for family permission, located and recovered by TES's Tim Miller and Ralph Baird, March 9, 2010, 11:48AM, New Orleans. Advice to family was requested March 6, the search allowedon March 8 and completed March 9 successfully.

USN US Marine F/A-18D Hornet

Search for downed US Marines F/A-18D Hornet Jet, Offshore South Carolina, March 10, 2010, 5:17PM local EST.- in progress March 20, 2010.- reslts were successful March 23.

Jodi Powers



Dainne Rutkowsi


2013 TES S/V Nina Search Team, 7 Missing Loved Ones

7 Lives on the drifting scnooner Nina


2015 TES Underwater Sonar Search Teams

3 missing men onboard a small plane departed Gulfport, MS; missing Mississippi Sound.